About the MBBA

The Marina Bay Business Association (MBBA) is a non-profit trade association comprised of business entities based in Marina Bay, Quincy. Its goals are to raise the profile and business prospects of Marina Bay – a beautiful and diverse waterfront neighborhood of over 4,000 residents and home to over 50 businesses across a variety of sectors.

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The MBBA was formed in partnership with, and is supported by, the Quincy Chamber of Commerce. The two organizations work collaboratively to achieve the stated goals of the MBBA.

MBBA Board of Directors:

  • Tim Cahill (President, Quincy Chamber of Commerce)
  • Mike Francis (Managing Director, Hines/Meriel)
  • Denise Hajjar (Owner, Denise Hajjar Boutique / Marina Bay Living)
  • Andrew Leone (General Manager, Safe Harbors Marina Bay)
  • Lisa O’Conner (Owner, Capella Yoga)
  • Adam Roellke (General Manager, Victory Point)
  • Jon Shubow (CEO, SERPCOM)
  • Executive Director, Jay Southwood (Founder & President, Break Rock Brewing)
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